What Is a Certificate of Nursing?

A Certificate of Nursing typically refers to a Graduate Certificate of Nursing. This is a postgraduate course for degree-qualified nurses.

Lerna Courses: Leading the Way

Lerna Courses has been growing and evolving with online education and stands as one the best platforms for students to get vital information.

How Long Is a Masters Degree in Australia?

The standard duration for a masters degree in Australia is 1.5 years of full-time study. But programs can range from 1 to 2 years in length.

Average Graduate Salary Australia

The median starting salary for recent bachelor degree graduates in Australia is around $65,000. This is an average across all study fields.

What Is a Postgraduate Degree in Australia?

A postgraduate degree in Australia is a master’s degree or doctorate. They’re the only kinds of degrees which may be considered post graduate.

Online Masters in Nursing

Masters in Nursing online courses are favoured because you can do postgraduate study without time off work. Online programs are accelerated.

Health and Social Care Management Courses

Health and social care management courses in Australia include graduate certificates, masters degrees and MBAs in healthcare management.

Online MBA Programs in Australia: Advice for Future Students

Here is a guide to online MBA programs in Australia. Grow your career by following the tips on how to get the best value from an online MBA.

Study Online with Flexible University Courses

If you want flexible study, Australia’s online universities have some great options for you. As well as the ability to avoid travelling completely, you can study exactly when it suits…

PhD Student Lifestyle Experience

I’ve got to admit that the lifestyle of a PhD student can be great. If you enjoy quiet, leisurely days of reading, researching and writing, the doctoral experience can bring…