About Us

About Postgraduate Futures

At Postgraduate Futures, we are all about helping you achieve success through higher education. We serve individuals at different stages, from starting university to advancing an estrablished career with postgraduate studies. Get the support and guidance you need to make the best decisions for your future.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to helping you make informed choices about your education and career. With our expert advice and powerful tools, you can navigate your postgraduate journey with confidence.

What We Offer

  • Personal Career and Course Advice. Get expert guidance from our team led by Dr Andrew Lancaster. We help you plan your postgraduate studies and career path, ensuring you make the best decisions for your future.
  • Advanced Course Comparisons. Find the perfect postgraduate program for you. Our tools let you compare courses based on your specific needs and preferences.
  • Priority Support. Enjoy priority customer support for all your inquiries and assistance related to postgraduate studies and career planning.

Meet Dr Andrew Lancaster

Andrew Lancaster

Dr Andrew Lancaster leads our expert team at Unicurve, the publisher of Postgraduate Futures. With a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University and extensive experience in policy strategy, Andrew is passionate about helping students succeed. Under his leadership, we provide top-notch resources and advice to help you excel.

Success Stories

Damon Peterson: “I joined the premium membership program and within months had my career and life on track. Dr Andrew Lancaster gave amazing insights in his personal emails to me on course selections and how to fit study into my life. I’m inspired and have a great plan in place.”

Veronica Edwards: “I recommend you invest in yourself and get help from Postgraduate Futures. My biggest problem in terms of personal decision-making was being too close to the issue. Getting sensible advice from a third party clarified everything for me. I am now forward-looking and have enrolled in a high-value course.”

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Become part of Postgraduate Futures and unlock your potential. Our expert team, led by Dr Andrew Lancaster, is here to support you every step of the way. Ready to take your postgraduate journey to the next level? Join us now!

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