UTS Research Focus Areas

UTS has committed to applied innovation and developing high-impact research. The University aims to produce research that benefits Australian industry and the wider community. Ultimately, UTS research activities are about helping to shape the world we occupy positively.

As part of┬áthe University’s research strategy, UTS has chosen to build research capacity and performance in five focus areas. These are aligned with the overall UTS vision: to be a world-leading university of technology. The five focus areas are health, data science, sustainability, future work and industry, and social futures.

1. Health

UTS focuses on translational and social justice in the University’s health research. UTS remains strongly engaged with the health sector, industry participants, health practitioners and the global medical and health research community.

2. Data Science

Data science and big data analytics represent an emerging field of ongoing significance. The focus area encompasses the data science theories and, notably, applying data science techniques across the dimensions of human endeavour.

3. Sustainability

The University’s sustainability research extends to all faculties, covering both in-depth disciplinary and cutting edge trans-disciplinary research. Individuals subjects includes cleaner energy, urban city futures, climate change adjustment, water management, food production and distribution, and using natural resources.

4. Future Work and Industry

Understanding technology and social changes to work arrangements and production globally is vital. The future quality of everyday life and the economic prosperity of Australia are technology dependent. Research in this area happens in the context of new industries emerging and others adapting to evolving conditions.

5. Social Futures

Research into Social Futures at UTS is influenced by increasingly complex societies. Especially relevant are the technology-driven changes in Australian and overseas communities.

UTS Research Centres

UTS has research hubs and centres across the University. In addition, UTS collaborates in joint research centres with foreign universities and in large joint research programs. Some noteworthy examples are ARC Centres of Research Excellence and the Cooperative Research Centres.