Take a chance Hugh Ong, Emerging technology manager Hugh Ong uses design thinking to help teams develop disruptive new solutions.
Develop transferable skills Kagiso Manaka, Risk analyst Kagiso Manaka used short industry-based courses to figure out where she wanted her career to begin.
Stay flexible with medical science Amy Jo Vassallo, Dance injury researcher Amy Vassallo knows the importance of being flexible - and not just because she's passionate about dance.
Graduate trader races ahead Joel Larish, Graduate trader Joel Larish found his ideal mix of dynamic work and laidback culture when he entered the global graduate program at IMC.
Designing better experiences Ricky Jury, Experience design analyst Ricky Jury is using his technical knowledge in a creative way at Deloitte Digital.
Inventing success Amantha Imber, Head inventiologist Dr Amantha Imber is using science in inventive ways to help businesses flourish.
Embracing change Prahnee Harvie, Recruitment coordinator Having the skills to adapt is vital for thriving in a fast-changing workplace.
Doing it all Rainer Kurz, Freelancing entrepreneur Rainer Kurz has done it all, from electrical engineering, to consulting, freelancing and founding a startup.
Exploring memory Muireann Irish, Cognitive neuroscientist Muireann Irish is uncovering new knowledge about dementia.
QUT's Master of Science Katrina Bourke, Volcanologist A postgrad by research ignited a passion for volcanoes in Katrina Bourke.
From physics to insight analytics Cameron Cuthbert, Insight analytics consultant Cameron took the physics skills he developed in Switzerland into the world of consulting at PwC.
From grad to consultant at Deloitte Jacob Platt, Technology advisory consultant Jacob is passionate about all things tech.
Lifesaving detection of oral cancer Samantha Khoury, Medical researcher "I wanted to do something innovative with medical science to benefit communities."
Designing a cleaner world Tanja Rosenqvist, Urban designer Tanja Rosenqvist is using people-focused design to change urban sanitation in Indonesia.
Exploring climate Monika Markowska, Palaeo-environmental scientist Monika Markowska explores caves to uncover clues about climate.
Science means business Elisa Mokany, Entrepreneur Research outcomes in the life sciences can have a huge impact.
Tracking dust James Hooper, Climate change scientist James Hooper has a passion for adventure and discovery.
Adventurous spirit Willem Huiskamp, Oceanographer Willem Huiskamp has atmospheric ambition.
3D-Printer Engineer Trina Majumdar, Biomedical Engineer Trina Majumdar is engineering a better way for bones to heal.

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