Explore options Masterclass
how to commercialise research

From great idea to start-up

Learn how to take a postgrad degree to commercial product.

Employability Masterclass
Dream job

Land your dream job

Dream jobs are competitive, so how can you lift your chances of getting the one you want?

Internships & Programs Masterclass
top 10 internship programs

Top 10 extraordinary internship programs

Learn on the job in an empowering environment.

Acing the Interview Masterclass
what employers want

What employers are really looking for!

Why do recruiters often write one set of selection criteria, and then pick a candidate with completely different experience?

Acing the Interview Masterclass
best jobs

Play the interview game

Prepare to undergo personality tests, scenarios, and virtual challenges to get the best jobs with the most forward-thinking companies.

Acing the Interview Masterclass
LinkedIn profile

Maximise your odds with LinkedIn

How can you use your LinkedIn profile and your wider network to help you land a job interview?

Acing the Interview Masterclass
writing a cover letter

Write a killer cover letter

While your LinkedIn profile is your introduction to potential employers, the cover letter is your personalised pitch.

Acing the Interview Masterclass
interview questions

Prepare your interview answers

Here are some common interview questions and preparation strategies to help you make the most of your interview!

Acing the Interview Masterclass
student work

Skip the interview entirely!

Can you go from student work to dream job – without even having an interview?

Employability Masterclass
data scientist

Data scientist unlocks her genius

When Kristin Carney graduated with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics, she wasn't sure what to do with her degree.

Employability Masterclass
Best places to work

Best places to work – for women!

What makes a company worthy of a spot in Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women?

Employability Masterclass
How to find your passion

How to find your passion

Passionate people are by far the most employable. Figure out what makes you tick with five simple exercises.

Employability Masterclass

From PhD to project coordinator

For nuclear scientist Floriana Salvemini, a PhD was a great way to build valuable skills while studying something fascinating.

Employability Masterclass
Employability Skills

Top 10 employability skills

What are the skills that make you highly desirable to employers – no matter what the job?

Internships & Programs Masterclass
Science careers

Science careers for graduates

There’s a trove of opportunities awaiting science graduates, even if the treasure map can be tricky to follow at times.

Internships & Programs Masterclass
graduate job

Super-charged graduate training

Not all graduate programs are the same, so look out for one that's ahead of the game.

Internships & Programs Masterclass
Google interns

The value of Google interns

Google's Steph Borgman explains what interns learn from working at Google, and what they bring to the team.

Internships & Programs Masterclass
Graduate program

Getting into a graduate program

Cochlear’s Chief Software Architect Victor Rodrigues reveals what makes a prospective graduate stand out.

Internships & Programs Masterclass

Top 10 glorious graduate programs

Graduate programs for a switched-on future career.