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how to commercialise research

From great idea to start-up

Learn how to take a postgrad degree to commercial product.

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shutterstock_students_reading starting university

10 things I wish I’d known before starting uni

Engineering graduate Larissa Fedunik shares 10 tips for new uni starters.

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master of cyber security

Spying the chance

Nikolai Hampton formalised 25 years in the IT sector to become a cybersecurity expert.

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cool jobs

5 hot topics this year

Your guide to the coolest jobs and most popular postgrad careers on offer.

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Top STEM workplaces

Australia's top STEM employers

Here are some amazing places to take your STEM degree in Australia.

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postgraduate fees

Postgraduate fees

How do you finance a postgraduate degree? Here's what you need to know...

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research facilities

Top 10 amazing research facilities

Be surrounded by world-class research at these centres of excellence.

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Human resource management

Embracing change

Having the skills to adapt is vital for thriving in a fast-changing workplace, and a priority at Edith Cowan University.

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pwc consulting

New opportunities

There's satisfaction in solving problems for the common good at PwC.

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flexible degrees

Study mobility

STEM skills can take you anywhere – and now you can gain those skills anywhere, too, with Open Universities Australia.

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UTS research

Doctorate without borders

There's a new opportunity to take on a professional, industry-ready PhD at UTS.

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women in science

Thrill of discovery

Biochemist and passionate supporter of gender equality in science Professor Marilyn Anderson challenges the norm at La Trobe University.

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medical research

A career that counts

By undertaking a PhD at QUT, Dr Jannah Baker developed the skills to translate medical research into government policy and industry action.

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deloitte careers

Game changer

Deloitte encourages a culture in which STEM skills and creativity are embraced.

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Make your mark

A new course at UTS is sparking the next generation of business innovators, thinkers and pioneers.