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shutterstock_students_reading starting university

10 things I wish I’d known before starting uni

Engineering graduate Larissa Fedunik shares 10 tips for new uni starters.

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how to be professional

Time to step up your game

Why you should treat your postgrad studies like a job.

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mass education

How to succeed when everyone's got a degree?

In the era of mass education, it's time to change graduate expectations.

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day in the life

Day in the life

If you're considering a career in STEM, but want to find out more about the highlights and challenges of daily work, read on.

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Australia's STEM workforce

Australia's STEM workforce

How do STEM skills add to your employability? Find out with these fast facts from industry.

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studying in Australia

International student perspectives

International students from Monash University take you behind the scenes of studying and working in Australia.

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agile skills

Staying agile

Jump-start a stellar career and build the perfect skillset by forging your industry links early.

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stem skills

Take your skills further

By combining STEM skills with other fields of interest, you can customise your career.

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cross-disciplinary skills

Cross-disciplinary edge

When a degree in science or engineering is paired with skills in business and leadership, it can lift you to the penthouse suite of professions.

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postgraduate support

Networks and support

Take a look at the wonderful support services, postgrad groups and useful tools you can take advantage of during your degree.

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women in STEM

Stressed for success

Gender disparity in STEM careers and postgrad enrolments reveals a system needing an overhaul.

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postgraduate salaries

Your earning potential

Find out key facts about postgraduate salaries and postgraduate job security.

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postgraduate degree

Taste test an Australian postgraduate degree

Scared to commit to a degree you're not sure you'll enjoy? Here are some great ways to see if it's what you really want to do.